User statement: Todor Djordjevic

Our long-term client and user of our hearing aids, Mr. Djordjevic Todor from Leskovac, described in detail the cooperation with us…

“I worked in the army as a military person, and that’s how my hearing was damaged …” – says Mr. Todor.

Weaker ability to understand the speech of people around him and thus difficult communication are one of the first and basic reasons why Mr. Todor began to think about the need to use hearing aids. The recommendation of acquaintances is always welcome … So we had the opportunity to help our user, through the first hearing test, and then the test of the first hearing aids.

Since 2011, now far behind us, our cooperation and excellent mutual understanding has started. Read what Mr. Todor’s impressions are “first hand”, he was so kind to write us his impressions …

We express our great gratitude for the indicated trust and good will to give us a written statement, and we would like to invite our other users to write their experiences.

Mr. Todor, we wish you good health and a long and pleasant life! Enjoy all the beautiful sounds that life surrounds us every day …


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