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    Marjan Antić (menager)

    “Throughout my life, I have had periodic problems with ear infections. I called the doctor regularly and treated the inflammation. After several years of listening to music loudly through the headphones of modern MP players, and exposure to the effects of air conditioners during the summer days, one day I felt a noise in my ear that did not stop for days. I called one, two, even a third specialist, and I heard a similar opinion from everyone – that it is an incurable condition. I came to terms with that fact and after four years from the first examination, I went to the Audio MED office in Novi Sad. The approach, diagnosis and advice I received there restored my faith that it was still possible to get rid of this unpleasant noise that often brought me depressive thoughts and feelings. The treatment has started…

    We also enclose a scanned written statement of Mr. Marjan Antić in jpeg format »