How to recognize hearing loss?



it can occur at any age.

As many as 500 million people worldwide have a hearing problem. For most there has been a gradual hearing loss with age. Over 50% of people aged over 60 years are faced with loss of their hearing. You may have a hearing problem if you recognize yourself in the following situations:

  • others complain that yours listening to TV or radio is too loudly
  • works you that people mumble or not you can clearly understand every word that was uttered, especially when there is noise in the background (in crowds or when voices are high as in children)
  • you are asking your interlocutor to repeat what he just said
Audio BM - Saveti
  • you have difficulty to hear the doorbell or phone
  • you have difficulty to hear from a distance at public gatherings, concert halls, churches …
  • you are not sure where they come from sounds: whether front or behind you, or even whether the left or right side

“The main symptom of sensorineural hearing loss in the beginning is the misunderstanding of speech. The hearing loss usually begins with the decay of hearing loss in the high frequencies, which means that patients can not be good to hear a large number of votes that are high-frequency. In Serbian, those voices are some consonants (S, Z, Č, Ć, Ž …), and they are the bearers of understanding speech. Patients initially occurrence of hearing loss usually can hear vowels, which are carriers of the volume. For this reason, patients claim that they hear, but do not understand the speech. Further deterioration of hearing environment first, and then the patients themselves notice that they can not perform daily activities, and in order not to keep asking questions repeatedly to the meaning of sentences. Is difficult or impossible, communications by telephone, monitoring television program is more difficult and is associated with strong amplification tone that disturbs other family members.

If the loss-hearing person has tinnitus, which is also the result of damage to hearing cells, it will have an additional difficulty understanding speech. Patients with these symptoms occur otolaryngologist and audiologist who, after examination and exclusion of the reasons for the existence of conductive hearing loss – propose record hearing of pure tone audiometry. Findings of tonal audiometry shows the minimum of hearing at frequencies, and the relation it is concluded that the patient needed a hearing aid for speech understanding.”

Info-source: Prof dr Zoran Komazec

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