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“LIFE WITH HEARING IMPAIRED FALLS FORGOTTEN WHEN YOU CHOOSE THE APPROPRIATE HEARING AID MODEL! “- Andrijana tells us … Read the interview with Andrijana Sedić, a young girl from Lajkovac near Valjevo, who enjoys her life…


When you notice that you have a hearing problem? 

I encountered the problems of hearing loss in my early childhood.

Until the appearance of the first symptoms, people in my environment thought that everything was a child’s joke, but the story gained in seriousness only after tonsil surgery.

The ear, throat and nose are very connected, so the symptoms that accompany certain diagnoses are connected, and can affect all 3 organs of this system..

It is very important to take children for ear, throat and nose examinations in early childhood, in order to prevent further consequences and damage that can cause various diseases which, if diagnosed early, can be very successfully treated with minimal consequences..

This text already sounds like it was written by a specialist doctor, but over the years of treatment you already know some important guidelines regarding your diagnosis, therapy, and you can give advice to people on how to avoid problems you encountered as a patient during your many years of experience..


Why did you decide to do a hearing test,

Why and when did it happened for the first time?? 

My first piece of advice to people who know they have an ENT diagnosis is to monitor their condition regularly, and to hear more expert opinions if necessary before embarking on problem solving.

Those who have symptoms related to problems with the ear, throat or nose should definitely go for an examination by an ENT specialist, so in no case wait for the symptoms to pass, because they usually will not pass. Popularly speaking, the disease is insidious, it can be covered up, but after a while it reappears. The goal is not to cover up the disease, the goal is to cure yourself, and return your body to a healthy state.


What is your experience and opinion

about our health institutions? 

My advice is not to be ashamed of any health problems that you might have. That is something that can happen at any time, and it is by no means something to be ashamed of. On the contrary, it is very important to talk about your pain, because maybe someone has experienced exactly the same as you, maybe he has some advice, recommendation, maybe the doctor himself is a user of the hearing aid.

Generally speaking, the most important thing is not to be ashamed of it, and not to think that your illness makes you less valuable than other people. Don’t be afraid to research, knowledge is a cure, the more you know about your diagnosis, the more ready you will be for all the side effects that it brings with it.


Did you have any inconveniences

during a meeting with doctors?

Do not rely too much on the information provided by doctors. Surgeons generally do not have much time to deal with the story, explaining the details to you, regardless of what their duty is. The system is such that you come to more complex information only if you ask, or research yourself. Personally, I learned about my diagnosis and what I learned with the help of the Internet. Sites with reliable information are mostly in English, although there is little professional literature in Serbian, but this is less understandable for lay people for medicine.

In any case, it is your right to know everything about your diagnosis. It is very important that you know as much as possible, no matter how painful it may be for you at first.

The next piece of advice I would give to ENT patients is that they should not be afraid of solving their problem. Medicine has advanced greatly, and is advancing more and more day by day, so there is no particular fear that recovery will be painful and protracted. Complications can always occur, but it depends on the organism, therapy, expertise of the doctor and the like. In any case, after recovery, all bad details of treatment are quickly forgotten if there are no consequences, and all that is important to you then is YOUR HEALTH, AND THE FURTHER COURSE OF SOLVING THE PROBLEM, and the most important thing is that the SOLUTION EXISTS.

After healing and recovery, you should approach the next stage of taking all the necessary measures to return to normal life, and most importantly, you should improve the quality of your life as much as possible.

When it comes to hearing, first of all you should do a check, ie audiometry which determines the degree of hearing damage. Audiometry gives different results, so it should not confuse you. Not the same degree of damage before and after surgery, before and after recovery, etc. Depending on the diagnosis, your hearing may be improved or worse after the operation, but there is a solution for that as well. The solution depends individually from patient to patient, that is, each organism is a story for itself, and each diagnosis is specific in some way. It is important to listen to the opinion and advice of experts, but also to avoid the traps of “told-told” when it comes to the experiences of other patients.


Have you had any unpleasant experiences

because you use hearing aids? 

When it comes to the opinion of the environment about hearing aids, I have never encountered any negative comments, on the contrary, the reactions of people from my environment are more than positive, because with the help of hearing aids I hear and understand them very well. Sometimes I forget to put on my hearing aids, and then people around me react by saying ‘YOU FORGOT YOUR DOUBLE EARS, WE WILL LAUGH AT YOUR SLIDES AGAIN, AND YET IT WOULD BE BETTER THAT WE DON’T HAVE TO REPEAT EVERY FIVE. WRITE DOWN EARS IN THE MIRROR ‘.

People are glad if you hear them well, and no one should have any negative comment on the fact that you are wearing hearing aids, on the contrary, everyone should be glad that they are communicating with you again with ease.


What do hearing aids mean to you in life?

And what I would recommend to those who feel they have hearing problems?

Hearing aids have improved the quality of my life because I achieve clear and normal communication with my environment, without repeating words, raised tone, tension and nervousness. I hear sounds I haven’t heard in years, and I don’t strain my ears to hear more clearly when someone speaks a little quieter. Hearing aids mean the most to me at work, if I could single it out at all, because they mean at every moment of wearing.

It is important to note that hearing aids should be worn every day, without exception, because by wearing them we naturally revive the dead functions of the auditory nerve, so we can improve hearing, slightly, but certainly significantly.

In connection with the above, I would criticize the poor flow of information, ie the failure to provide information to patients by doctors, which is why I have been waiting for years for a solution to my hearing problem. A year ago, I learned that in my case, it is impossible to improve hearing with surgery, so I took the following steps in this regard.

Having determined the degree of hearing damage, I approached the step that led to the purchase of hearing aids. You can get recommendations for the purchase of hearing aids in state institutions, but it is best to make an individual choice of supplier. RHIF, ie SOCIAL INSURANCE provides children, students and pensioners with one device, ie pays the greater part of the amount of the device, but mostly the most classic models. More modern and higher quality devices are more expensive, but they are also more durable, and it will mean more to you that you have a more perfect sound quality during communication with the environment, and in general during your stay in the environment.

There is a wide range of hearing aid models, from visible, through barely visible, to almost imperceptible models. What should be most crucial with hearing aids is the sound quality, not the design, although there are models where it is perfectly matched. And in this case, it is important to listen to the advice of experts.


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