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Did you ever wonder how and what is that occurs, strange and unpleasant sound in your ears? That sounds often characterize as hissing, ringing, or simply hearing some strange sound…

This phenomenon is certainly experienced by all of us, at least once, periodically , or continuously … The reasons may be different, we will write about them in the explanations below. However – we are here primarily addressed to these people who have continuous noise in the ears, and which severely hamper their everyday life and relaxation.

What does it look like and when does it occur?

People who suffer from tinnitus describe it as buzzing, rustling, ringing, wheezing, throbbing in the ears. Tinnitus is most intense in a quiet environment. It can appear as a tone of different frequency and different intensity.

Constant tinnitus in people wants to cause: insomnia, loss of concentration, depression, dissatisfaction and exhaustion.

Tinnitus can occur with worsening psychological conditions in life, e.g. in a state of stress, irritability, difficulty sleeping and concentrating, depression (complex tinnitus).

Audio BM - Vaše zdravlje je naša obaveza!


Tinnitus can be caused by many different causes. In 90% of cases, it is associated with hearing impairment.
Causes of tinnitus can be:

  • Viral infections
  • Deformations of the spine or neck
  • The noise or loud music
  • Too much cerumen in the ear canal
  • The use of certain drugs
  • Ear surgery
  • Senior hearing loss
  • Deformations of the spine or neck
  • Problems with the heart and blood circulation
  • Overexposure narrowed situations
  • Circulatory problems (particularly in the neck area)
  • High blood pressure
Audio BM - Vaše zdravlje je naša obaveza!


Za tinitus postoji rešenje. Tinitus se može izlečiti u najvećem procentu slučajeva. Prema svetskim studijama kod 90% pacijenata izlečenje se postiže primenom adekvatnih vidova tinitus terapije, neophodno je samo obratiti se stručnom licu kako biste dobili adekvatan savet. Naš tim stručnjaka je spreman da Vam pomogne, ukoliko želite svoj pregled možete zakazati OVDE.

Audio BM - Vaše zdravlje je naša obaveza!


Lekovi za podsticanje bolje cirkulacije, hiperbarična kiseonična terapija, tinitus laser terapija, muzikoterapija, tinitus retraining terapija (terapija zvukom).

Audio BM - Vaše zdravlje je naša obaveza!


Audio BM Vam nudi rešenje – TRT (tinitus retraining therapy) – terapija zvukom.

Ova terapija se sastoji iz dva dela, a to su: savetovanje i terapija zvukom.
Kod nas je moguće da se terapija zvukom uradi na više načina:

  • Slušnim aparatom najnovije generacije – sa tinitus maskerom
  • Zvučnim jastucima
  • Stonim generatorom zvuka

Mi Vam nudimo rešenje problema, bez obzira na koji vid tinitus terapije zvukom se odlučite.

Zakažite Vaš termin za BESPLATAN savet našeg stručnog lica i BESPLATNU probu slušnih aparata najnovije generacije.