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This new version of the legendary two-step (OAE/ABR) Newborn Hearing Screener is fast, accurate and intuitive, and builds on our reputation of having one of the most trusted newborn hearing screeners in the world.


AccuScreen is based on the collective experience of more than 36,000,000 newborn screenings worldwide, resulting in great feedback which we used to dramatically improve ease-of-use and workflow.

The touch screen requires only a few screen clicks to switch between screens, enter a new patient, start tests and validate cable and probe functionality. The easy and intuitive menu structure and user interface combined with the on-screen help menu and docking station for charging and data transfers save time.

When screening babies all day, users will benefit greatly from an improved workflow when working with the small, light-weight and easy-to-use AccuScreen.

Ekran osetljiv na dodir
Jednostavno i intuitivno unošenje podataka
Detaljni rezultati ispitivanja
“Help” meni (meni za pomoć) na ekranu
Pouzdan i brz skrining uređaj
Mali i lagan
Baza za prenos podataka, ažuriranje uređaja i punjenje
Savitljiva sonda sa poboljšanim vrhom
Sveobuhvatni softver koji nudi upravljanje pacijentima, testovima i uređajem