Cochlear welcomes you in the Nucleus Freedom , the next generation technology of cochlear implants. The biggest innovation is the revolutionary technology that SmartSound enables better hearing in an even greater number of everyday situations.

The new standard in the design of the sound processor
Cochlear used a number of leading technology throughout the product development process so that users can enjoy unparalleled audio experience . Conducted extensive research at every stage of the development of the Nucleus Freedom sound processor, resulting in an extremely modern and flexible modular design to suit all ages and lifestyles.


Nucleus Freedom sound processor

In the center of the processor is powerful computer called Digital Signal Processor – DSP ​​( device for digital signal processing ). These are actually four computers built on a single microchip . Nucleus Freedom has enough powerful computer that can support modern technology such as SmartSound technology. The sound processor has power more than he needs , which will allow you to use and future technological innovations. Nucleus Freedom processor represents a new standard among miniature devices for audio processing.


Intelligent terminals

The advanced modular design Nucleus Freedom features “intelligent” system of connectors that today allows connecting different controllers on the processor, and at the same time is flexible enough to allow for the connection of future technologies when they become available.


Nucleus Freedom BTE Controller

BTE controller is used with the processor if a person wants to use the BTE option (carrying the device behind the ear ) completely. In this small device are housed three button batteries through which the processor is powered. It is controlled by pressing the buttons that are easy to use , and contains an LCD display that shows the settings.


The Nucleus Freedom Bodyworn Controller

Bodyworn controller (a device worn on the body) is ideal for both children and adults because it is easily connected to the processor using the Bodyworn connection. This controller contains all the great features of the BTE Controller and a number of additional features, including audible alerts and battery selection.

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